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How It All Started

Today, I'd like to talk about the new steps towards the future of Intercom.

For 38 years, Intercom has been a professional convention organizer in Korea and globally. As we approach our 40th anniversary in 2025, two years from now, we are preparing to take on new challenges as we have always shown and led the way. These days, many people are struggling with the weak economy. 

The future is ever-changing, and we need to be prepared for what's to come in the new environment. Our future is no exception.

With the population cliff predicted to reduce our country's population to around 38 million by 2070, physically, there will be less demand for our industry. 

That's why all of our actions and directions going forward must be globally centered, not just for Korea, and we must bring the global to Korea.

For that, the most important thing going forward is 'MICE', (Meeting, Incentive meeting, Convention and Exhibition), which Intercom has been doing the best so far, and the movement towards a new direction should start from our 38 years. 

Just as Intercom has shown many people our various attempts and new MICE trends over the past 38 years, we hope that we will continue to show the world what the world has yet to discover through the Creative Lab, so that more people can share in our new future.

the company has been working with about 10 Korean government ministries and international organizations such as the UN, OECD, WHO, and IDB, as well as about 20 leading national institutions, and has managed large-scale international conferences and major events in 71 cities in 31 countries, including Korea, and has built a global network through partnerships with Leigh Bureau, IMG, The Harry Walker, and others. With a strong global network and a focus on innovative collaborations, Intercom is poised to launch Xesange Creative Lab aims to create new project and business possibilities in the M.I.C.E industry.

Intercom Convention Service, Inc is a renowned South Korean conference company that has been organizing large-scale international conferences and major events for nearly 40 years.

What we do

Xesange Creative Lab by Intercom offers a diverse set of services and initiatives that cater to different needs within the professional and creative communities. Here's a breakdown of how each service might benefit users or clients

Project Design

the conceptualization and execution of projects. It can include everything from the initial design and planning stages to the implementation phase. This would be particularly useful for clients looking to develop new products, services, or initiatives that require thoughtful design and strategic execution.

Consulting Service

a wide range of expertise, including business strategy, technology integration, market analysis, or organizational change. This service would be essential for organizations seeking expert advice and insights to enhance their operations, solve complex problems, or navigate market changes effectively.

Xesange Talk

the Xesange Talk Show is a unique way to engage with a broader audience. This platform could serve to discuss various topics that are relevant to the industries Xesange Creative Lab by Intercom is involved with, such as technology, design, entrepreneurship, and global business trends. It's an excellent way to share knowledge, foster community, and build brand visibility.

Global Partnership

Global Partnership involves facilitating collaborations across borders, which could help companies expand their reach, enter new markets, or leverage international talent and resources. It's particularly valuable for businesses looking to scale globally or engage in cross-cultural projects.

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